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Machine Gun Kelly

Author Carl L. Chamberlain, nicknamed
Machine Gun Kelly, shares his stories
about Vietnam and military life.

How I got my name Machine Gun Kelly

Posted on May 19, 2016 by Carl
Category: The Beginning of the battle - Tags: Vietnam, Nam, Agent Orange, Susan Somers, Air Force

There is where I garnered my new name. My nick name has always been Kelly short for Machine Gun Kelly. I could make a great war tale out of it but the truth is myself and a friend at Westover AFB got into trouble one night while just parked and sharing beers when we were heckled by some guys in another car, all white.

1967 up in a perimeter tower
1967 up in a perimeter tower

My friend was a brother. They began to call us Gay and then it escalated to Buck Wheat is he on top and on and on. My friend, Ron, was a Golden Gloves Boxing champ for his weight class from St Louis so we got out to challenge all five of them and they locked up the car and laughed still heckling us so we got back into our car and they continued.

I forgot I had a starters pistol I had just recently purchased so I told Ron pull up on them on my side real slow. As we did I leaned out and fired all six shots in their direction. They all started screaming and crying as we drove off laughing. When we returned to the barracks an hour or so later we were both arrested and Charged with Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. I hid the weapon and without it they couldn’t move forward with the court martial proceedings which I knew they couldn’t.

Long story short I was nick named Machine Gun Kelly by many and it just stuck to this day!! Ironically when I got to the Nam I was an expert with every weapon I fired including the M60 Machine Gun. I could literally fire one round at a time at will with the 60 and was a perfect shot each time. So Machine Gun Kelly lived up to his nick name and my issues with Military rule continued as well and no less then 3 more times I found myself facing time in Leavenworth and had to use some serious thought provoking ways to avoid that house of horrors.

I will not proclaim I was a model Military person nor a hero. I am just a typical Draftee who survived in more ways then one. They say Cats have nine lives and I have used up all of them and then some having chased Charlie up and down the fence line almost nightly for a year, being sprayed with Agent Orange and doing all I can to stay alive after, all the while fighting with the VA to save me who’s attitude is When the Hell are All You Nam Vets just going to die and go away.

So I wrote a book all about it from the beginning to the present since it is really a never ending tale till I do what the VA wants,,,,,,,,,,I DROP DEAD! So you can call me Kelly, or Carl whatever you prefer, since most call me other crude names and some even like to use sign language on me which I am quite adapt at returning in kind.

What I will run on my Blog may be excerpts form my Book or my vast experience dealing with the VA over the past 40 plus years. Oh and by the way I grew up in a very seriously dysfunctional family and I ended up living on the street homeless for the better part of my last two years in High School.

Also when one says they went to High School in California all ask the one important question “You go to school with anyone famous? As a matter of fact, yes I did,,,,,,,,,,,,, there was real doll who lived a couple blocks from me whose name was Sue Mahoney. Used to walk by her house all the time. She latter changed her name to Susan Somers. So now you know a rough draft of who I am.

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