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Lidtke Military

All Lidtke Military products are manufactured in a GMP certified facility with carefully selected, fine-quality ingredients. Unlike most manufacturers, we source our own ingredients from around the world, working with suppliers who share our dedication to quality.

Lidtke was founded in 1994 to provide rare and extremely high-quality nutrients to medical doctors, naturopaths, veterinarians, and alternative practitioners throughout the country. Due to the emergence of the internet, word of Lidtke spread to the general public, and we now supply health practitioners, health-food stores, and the general public throughout the United States and many other countries.

We take pride in our company and community, and we hope our customers share our belief in meticulous attention to detail and excellent service. Because we are a manufacturer of finished products, not just a distributor, we are able to answer nearly any question. It is our goal, in fact, to provide the most informed customer service in the industry.

We’d love to hear from you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to serve you better.

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Lidtke Military was started to provide current military personnel and veterans with the dietary supplements that you need to assist with your daily health and the health of your family.


Lidtke Supplements

At LIDTKE we literally search the world for premium raw materials that surpass even pharmaceutical standards. Many of our products are USP certified by the manufacturer. Quality and your satifaction is undoubtedly our most important criteria for the entire line of LIDTKE products. 

   Consumers around the globe are becoming more aware of quality and safety issues. To prosper in this competitive industry, we must be able to clarify and substantiate our quality promises to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind. In light of this, LIDTKE models its approach around the customer, basing its commitment to quality around our four top priorities:

Quality: Quality is the cornerstone of delivering our “Purest on the Planet” pledge. In 1994, the owner of the company, Ron Sturtz, initially established LIDTKE to provide lab-tested L-Tryptophan free of contaminents before other companies were aware of a problem. You can trust Lidtke products to be consistent in quality and high in purity.

Reliability: Another word for reliability is consistency and our products consistently deliver on their intended use. Our formulas are manufactured in an FDA registered facility. You can be confident that each ingredient in LIDTKE products will be the same every time, manufactured to the exacting quality and safety standards. 

Traceability: LIDTKE incorporates traceability as a hallmark of our “Purest on the Planet” promise. Only thoroughly-tested ingredients ever make their way into our products. Every ingredient is traced through each stage of sourcing, production, processing and distribution. This allows us to verify quality throughout the manufacturing process, meeting our stringent quality expectations.

Sustainability: This word describes our long-term approach to considering our environmental, economic, and social responsibilities. Our products are made in a caring and responsible way that preserves the environment for future generations. We always use Non-GMO raw materials and source from small, organic traditional farms whenever possible.

Such attention to detail is seldom available through mass production. Accordingly, as a specialty manufacturer, we pledge to uphold ethical values in relationships with customers, employees and partners, all while respecting our planet. Contact us during regular business hours to discuss any phase of our operation. We love to chat with our customers.

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