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Machine Gun Kelly

Author Carl L. Chamberlain, nicknamed
Machine Gun Kelly, shares his stories
about Vietnam and military life.

My Health Issues

Posted on May 24, 2016 by Carl
Categories: Health Issues, VA - Tags: Agent Orange, Veterans

Those high lilted in BOLD and underlined I suspect are a result of exposure to Agent Orange:

1968 Stomach Ulcers (Hospitalized from June 68 to Oct 68)

1972 Appendectomy

1978 Broken Back (fracture fourth lumbar)

1990 Torn Right Rotator Cup from fall, Dr Veneziano, re hab at Harrington Hospital, Southbridge

1996 Skin Cancer left Forearm Dr Vider, Auburn Ma

1996 Bladder Cancer (surgery to remove tumor) ,,,,,,,,,

,,,,,,,, approximation 20 succeeding surgeries to remove Bladder tumors from 1996 to present

2003Acoustic Neuroma Tumor Left side of Brain, Surgery to remove Mass General Hospital

(Subsequent loss of Left Ear, creating a balance problem when walking resulting in several falls to present day. Also some minor facial damage to let facial nerve)

2003 Implant of Shunt to drain Spinal Fluid Mass General Hospital

2003 AVM (Arterial Ventricular Mass) discovered right top of Brain surgery Mass General Hospital

2006 Implant of 4 Stents in veins near heart U Mass Memorial Hospital

2006 Diagnosed with Diabetes II U Mass Memorial Hospital

2006 Diagnosed with Skin Cancer right temple Dr Vider, Auburn Ma

2007 Diagnosed with possible Heart Attack, discovered when heart rate reach’s over 90 BPM right ventricle Spasm potential

2007 Arthritis both knees and right hand

2008 Diagnosed with a nervous disorder resulting in uncontrollable shaking left hand, U Mass Mem

2008 Severe Neruopathy pain both feet due to Diabetes to present/ also numbness both feet

2010 Carpel Tunnel left hand, too sever to repair with surgery resulting in numbness left hand Boston VA Hospital Jamaica Plain

2011 Torn Left Rotator Cup planned surgery by Dr Young Ho, canceled

developed Kidney problem

2011 Kidney’s shut down, placed on Dialysis U Mass Memorial Hospital. Kidneys return to normal function. Discovered a combined health condition and drugs for Diabetes created problem. Placed on Insulin and stopped Diabetic drugs.

2011 Burst vein behind right eye due to Diabetes, creating blurred vision to present Dr R Irwin Harrington Hospital

2012 Chemo treatment for Bladder Cancer /Valstar 6 weeks

Bladder surgery performed at Bay Pines VA, 09/08/14.

Surgery Skin Cancer Right Shoulder Bay Pines VA 09/30/15 note( They(VA) missed all of it and it grew back. Was sent to an outside Dermatologist since they had an appointment over 30 days at the VA. Outside source did the surgery but Pathologist said I need to have another surgery to remove more C

Note ;

Last Bladder surgery performed at Bay Pines VA, 12/10/15 and also had another Chemo treatment March of 016 for 3 weeks.

All total I have had well over 75 surgeries just on my Bladder in the last 20 years to remove Tumors

Colonoscopy March 016, 4 Potential C Polyps discovered and removed

I’m still standing too with a smile!!!!

Laughter is the Best Med!!

I f you have any combination of my past and current health issues and you have Diabetes 2 file for Disability with the VA NOW!!!!!!

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