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Machine Gun Kelly, shares his stories
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Learning to deal with the VA

Posted on May 21, 2016 by Carl
Category: VA - Tags: After war, Homecoming, Veterans

Learning to deal with the VA for Disability while serving and after discharge is a life altering experience to say the least. If one was wounded no problem, it is recorded and is pretty much automatic for Compensation from the VA, since all one has to do is show them your DD 214 and it should be reflected on said form. If not, you've got a whole bag of worms to open and go thru, good luck with that!!

Biggest problem I have found is some guys, especially Nam Vets, think just because you have a health issue that it is on the VA list for lets say Agent Orange exposure, as in a brain tumor, you file but it isn’t automatic you receive compensation just because you filed!! They will more then likely deny you right off! WHY? They think your full of shit! Plain and simple!! Why?? Hey you might be making that crap up period!! So what if your DD 214 says you were in the Nam where are the medical records to show you were sick or received any kind of medical treatment for a head wound or even a headache medication treatment. Your excuse for replying “Hell dude that was over 47 years ago how the hell can I come up with those records or witness’s??!!” That don’t fly with the VA although there is hope!!

FIGHT!!! I MEAN FIGHT!! Get pissed and file appeal after appeal after appeal!! Keep in mind when you first file and get denied, you have six months to file an appeal and file it, but with new evidence each and every time. Why you ask? Reason,,,,you want to keep that original filing date active since no matter how many times or how many years you are denied on that original claim, if the VA updates that particular health issue to the list or the criteria you submitted is accepted, they grant you an approval rating for said claim, they back pay you from the original filing date you filed your claim!! One just has to stay positive and fight to the bitter end!! I always say hey, we all came home wounded, it’s your money so claim it, you earned it!! Welcome home brothers and sisters!!!

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