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Charlie Luse is a Vietnam Veteran who was part of Linebacker II, the bombing of Hanoi in Northern Vietnam, which brought an end to the war with the prisoners released in 1973.

After graduating from Southern Illinois University in 1956, he entered the Air Force as a 2nd Lt, having been commissioned upon college graduation from ROTC. He flew the F-84F at Luke AFB, then went on to Nellis AFB where he flew the supersonic F-100. In 1972 he had progressed to be a Squadron Commander in the B-52, and was sent to Thailand to be on the Staff at U-Tapao AB. 207 B-52s were involved in Linebacker II, along with many other tactical aircraft, but the bombing was accomplished with the B-52's.

After retiring from military life, he got involved in teaching and now has a Master's Degree in Business Management. He moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado where he bought and managed two small businesses. Today he has a grown daughter in Colorado Springs, and a son in Chandler, Arizona. Then he moved back to Phoenix area and married a young lady, and adopted her small children which now they are both in High School. Today he lives with Leo, his Dachshund, and is a substitute teacher on the reservation at Sacaton and at Coolidge elementary schools.

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