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Machine Gun Kelly

Author Carl L. Chamberlain, nicknamed
Machine Gun Kelly, shares his stories
about Vietnam and military life.

Carl Chamberlin is a Vietnam Veteran that served as an Air Policeman OJT from 1965-1969. After basic training at Lackland AFB, he was assigned to Westover AFB to where he served as an Air Policeman for over a year. During that time, he decided he wanted to volunteer for Vietnam duty. In April of 1967, he was shipped to a base called Phu Cat AFB in the Central Highland; 19 miles east inland from Qui Nhon in Bin Dhin Providence. Serving in Vietnam for a year was quite an adventure and being exposed to Agent Orange had an extreme inpact on his health.

Now, after more than 80 surgeries and health complications all Carl wants to do is laugh and share his journey in life with you!

Carl currently resides in Clearwater, Florida with his amazing wife that he has been married to for 47 years. He loves to travel when he can and has a book that will be on the best seller list about his experience in Vietnam.

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